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Comfort on the water

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The confortable lounge sofa invites to relax, if it really rains once, the cocpit can be closed like a tent and the air condition will provide an adecuate temperature, on the dining table up to 10 persons are placed comfortably, the dish washing maschine takes over the work, and while the lights are dimmed and the music of the Hi Fi is regulated via Bluetooth, you can start to relax and enjoy your vacation!



The front cabin with it’s large bed as well as the rear cabin have extraordinerly place to stow. The extra cabins in the frontship which can be accessed either from the cabin as well as from the deck, are ideal for children or crew members. Each hull has two complete baths and one very spacious shower accsessible from either of them. Individual regulated AC , ventilator, dimmable lights and reading lights are standard equippment of each front and rear cabin.

“Comfort on the sea!”

rooming shower – Built in dishwasher         Ice Maker